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Radio Free Columbia

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I am proud to announce the launch of PeopleTree Radio. Each Tuesday, I’ll be playing 2 songs by my favorite bands and musicians. I’ll also be having them on as guests with live acoustic performances. My goal is to introduce you to great music that you might not otherwise get an opportunity to hear. And I’m not gonna waste a lot of your time. Each episode will be limited to 15 minutes.

Check out the first episode below, featuring Bryan Russo and Kassini, and be sure to tune in next Tuesday!


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Kassini Hits The Road

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Next Monday, September 17th, Kassini kicks off their fall tour with a gig at the legendary Asbury Park club, The Saint. Their next show is one week from tonight, September 19th, at Columbia’s own Sonoma’s in the Owen Brown Village Center. 

This is a big deal for me personally since Columbia is my home town. I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to the show. It’s going to be an amazing night of music, as Kassini is really starting to heat up right now. After their Sonoma’s gig, they have a show in DC on Thursday night, A show in Richmond on Friday night and a headlining slot Saturday night at the world famous Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach, DE for the Dewey Beach Music Conference.

The following week sees them in NYC, Philly and Atlantic City. It’s a whirlwind for sure, but that’s the life of a touring band. I really hope you can come to the Sonoma’s gig. Sierra Nevada is sponsoring the evening with $3 cans of it’s delicious, cold pale ale, and I am really hoping for a good hometown crowd to see this amazing new band. 

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you soon will. Come on out and see them before they get huge. Here’s the video for their song, “Just Like Me”. See you at Sonoma’s!



Let’s Do It Again

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Stay tuned for some big news about Kassini. In the meantime, here’s their opening song from their gig in Richmond, VA back in April.

I’m On A Ball In Space

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The cool thing about this job is getting to be one of the first people to hear new music from our artists. Today, I had the pleasure of listening to Kassini’s  new album, which is almost completely finished, and I am not exaggerating when I say it’s a game changer. Get ready world. Kassini’s coming at ya!

Live, Original Music in Columbia

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Last Saturday night, Columbia was treated to some great live, original music when the NYC based band Kassini played at The Second Chance Saloon. Here is their ballad, “How” from that performance. Enjoy!


Also, stay tuned for some very exciting news about Kassini to be announced soon….



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Stay tuned for big news about Kassini!

Pure Rock

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If you love pure rock n roll, do yourself a favor and check out Kassini’s legendary Hard Rock Cafe performance from a couple weeks ago. At the 8 minute mark, after breaking a guitar string, John Hogg rips it off, strolls to the back of the stage, grabs a new guitar and continues to shred. Brilliant stuff. And judging by the calls for, “One more song!” at the end of the video, these guys are poised for a breakout. They’ve already recorded enough songs for a second EP, so watch this space for more updates as things heat up for Kassini.