Bryan Russo: As a youngster in rural Pennsyltucky, when Bryan Russo wasn’t studying classical violin, knee deep in the works of Mendelssohn and Mozart, he was reading the liner notes and devouring the sounds of iconic songwriters like Cohen, Waits, Newman, and Dylan, and listening to the blues.

His newest project, “Sound the Alarms” (recorded at Milkboy Recording Studios in Ardmore,PA and at the Park Recording Studio in Ocean City, MD) is a two-sided record that addresses the worldwide struggles in today’s world with loss, and a sonic exploration on what people do when faced with adversity. Whether it’s loss of love, health, home, or even hope for some semblance of a happy ending, the songs strike a chord with the human condition and the heart’s impulse to find something to hold on to even when things start falling apart.

The first single, “The Twist” is the singer’s frustrated take on the 24-hour-stream of information and how truth is often skewed by rhetoric, propaganda, and a lack of listening. It’s a stompy rocker that sets the tone on the record taking listeners to the raw and dirty places in Russo’s blues.

Karl Scully: To say that Karl Scully is a true man of the world is the pinnacle of understatement. Born in Limerick, Ireland, Karl traveled with his family to such diverse and life-changing locales as San Francisco and Texas here in the States to Africa and Indonesia before returning to Dublin at 16. Wherever he and his family traveled, Karl’s one constant was his love for music, a love he today shares with audiences around the globe.

Karl’s passion for music has continued to drive him to continue his studies at such prestigious institutions as the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, the Royal Irish Academy of Music and presently, the Manhattan School of Music. As part of the group, “The Irish Tenors”, Karl has delighted packed houses across the United States and abroad, and today is regarded as one of the world’s most spectacular and up-and-coming young tenors on the musical scene today.

Kassini: Kassini is an original music production and songwriting collective founded by NYC-based composer and producer Shane Koss and London-based musician and singer/songwriter John Hogg (Moke, The Black Crowes, Hookah Brown). Musical worlds collide in this creative dynamic – Koss is a classically trained, orchestral score composer and Hogg, a psychedelic blues-rock singer and guitarist – and the result is a best-of-both-worlds synthesis of ambient electronic production with live instrumentation. Taking this concoction, following its ebb and flow and driving it forward is handled by the able hands and feet of Hari Ganglberger (Kapt10Kurt).

A mixture of pure rock riffs, moody sound design-heavy textures, organic and electronic melodies and driving rhythms support Hogg’s unique world class voice and results in an all new experience that openly and deliberately nods to the influences of decades past.


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