I’m On A Ball In Space

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The cool thing about this job is getting to be one of the first people to hear new music from our artists. Today, I had the pleasure of listening to Kassini’s  new album, which is almost completely finished, and I am not exaggerating when I say it’s a game changer. Get ready world. Kassini’s coming at ya!


Welcome to the Family, Bryan!

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PeopleTree Productions is proud to announce a new addition to our roster! Bryan Russo is an amazing singer/songwriter cut from the same cloth as Cohen, Waits, Newman, and Dylan. He has a huge show coming up THIS SATURDAY at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. If you’re interested in attending, please contact Brian Dunn at 301.473.0077.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Bryan aboard. Here is performing his song “Sweet Kiss” from his upcoming album. And stay tuned for more big news about Bryan soon!


UPDATE: We realize the video quality for the video above isn’t the best, but it’s our favorite song from the upcoming album. Click here to watch the official video of “Smokey Cafe”.


Radio Promo for Karl Scully

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Today, a radio promo for Karl Scully’s March 8th concert at The Barns at Wolf aired on the legendary Pat Troy’s Irish Radio Show on WUST 1120 AM in Washington DC. Here it is with some pics I added for good measure:


I hope you can all make it on March 8th. Click here to buy tickets online, or call the Wolf Trap box office at 1-877-WOLFTRAP

Tomorrow Never Knows….Or Does It?

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Yesterday, I talked to Shane from Kassini and things are starting to get exciting. The album is nearing completion and we’re close to announcing some big news for this spring.

Here’s a taste of Kassini covering Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles. See you in April!

Karl Scully Hits A Homerun in Wrentham

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Thursday night, Karl Scully performed a flawless program for an enthusiastic audience at the Parish of St. Mary’s in Wrentham, MA. Despite just getting over a cold, Karl was at the top of his game all night, and when he belted out the last few lines of, “God Bless America” to close the evening, the audience simultaneously leapt to their feet and rewarded him with a prolonged standing ovation that brought him and his accompanist Josh Rosenblum back out for a bow.

I won’t get into the entire setlist, but Karl took the crowd on a musical journey that spanned the globe and transcended genres, treating those lucky enough to be there to a concert experience unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. At times, Karl’s voice took over the historic church, leaving a lot of stunned looks and mouths wide open, almost as if they couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

I had more than a few people ask me when Karl will be back, so stay tuned for news of his return to the Boston area soon.


T.U.R.N. feat Ace Cannons and XC from TMF

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After a short interview, check out this sick jam by T.U.R.N feat Dez (AKA Ace Cannons) and B Kirk (AKA XC) from TMF. From The Recher Theater last summer.

Live, Original Music in Columbia

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Last Saturday night, Columbia was treated to some great live, original music when the NYC based band Kassini played at The Second Chance Saloon. Here is their ballad, “How” from that performance. Enjoy!


Also, stay tuned for some very exciting news about Kassini to be announced soon….